Courier Kent MotorcycleMotorcycles

We have a selection of motorcycles at our disposal however generally these have to be pre-booked. Generally there is a 10kg weight limit for motorcycle consignments.

Small Cars and Vans

If your consignment will fit in one of our cars or small vans this is probably the most economical way of ensuring that your package gets to its destination. Maximum weight carrying capacity is 300kg.

Courier Kent Cars

Small, Medium and Large vans

Having such a large fleet of vans , we really have got the correct size vehicle for your requirement.

Luton and box-bodied vans all come with a tail-lift for ease of collection and delivery – payloads for vans vary from 500kg to 1400kg and the volumes go from 1 cubic metre to 12 cubic metres.

Specialist Tail-lift Services – we have had a Mercedes Sprinter Panel van converted to a tail-lift vehicle in order to facilitate deliveries where access is restricted. It goes without saying the environmental benefits using this vehicle over a large Luton.

Courier Kent Vans

Temperature controlled deliveries

We have a wide range of refrigerated vehicles to suit your requirements and can quickly, efficiently and effectively transport your goods according to your specification. We can run our refrigerated vehicles between +14 degrees C and -25 degrees C and our drivers are able to constantly monitor the temperatures. Most of our vehicles are fitted with temperature loggers to record the temperatures and are able to produce a printed report for your records.

We have a number of refrigerated vehicles built to ATP specification and have the capability to carry up to 2300kg and 16 ½ cubic metres in one vehicle.

Large volumes or heavy in weight

Courier Kent Heavy Weight VehicleWe try to have the largest carrying capacities available in 3500kg gross weight vans to give customers the best value for money regarding their deliveries – two examples of this would be as below:

Curtain-sider with its 26 cubic metre volume but 700kg carrying capacity which is cheaper to run than a 7.5 tonne lorry and this cost saving can be passed to our customers, delivering up to 30% saving to the end user.

Open backed van payload 1600kg. We are happy to rope & sheet loads but it must be understood that this vehicle is not appropriate for certain consignments.

Anything larger in weight or size would have to be carried in a 7500kg gross weight truck.


Trucks (up to 7500kg gross vehicle weight)

Courier Kent TruckWe have a standard International ‘O’ Licence and run 7.5 Tonne lorries both Nationally and into Europe with payloads of up to 3000kg. Due to the large variety of body types please check current availability – our team will be happy to advise to meet your requirements.